Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Cameron stresses the importance of Social Action

David Cameron said Social Action has “a big role” to play in fixing our broken politics at today’s Social Action Conference.

There are around 150 Conservative-led Social Action projects across the country, including mentoring schemes, environmental projects and sports programmes.

David defined Social Action “getting up off your backside, rolling up your sleeves and doing something positive to strengthen society”.

And he stressed that Social Action can help create a “new politics that inspires people to get involved” by:

  • Restoring the standing of our politicians
  • Engaging people in politics
  • Altering the perception that ‘nothing ever changes’
  • Actively demonstrating the kind of society we want to see

David told the Conference, "I want Social Action to be as important to candidates as campaigning on the doorstep, and as important to the life of political parties as policy-making."

And he stressed, “Social Action represents the new politics we need in these times: a politics that is relevant to people; a politics of public service; a politics of action.”

The Conference also saw the launch of a new, location-based search engine for jobs, as part of our Get Britain Working campaign.

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