Friday, 24 July 2009

Cameron hails "historic result" in Norwich North

David Cameron described Chloe Smith’s victory in the Norwich North by-election as a “historic result” and praised the “positive way” in which she had conducted her campaign.

David went to Norwich to congratulate Chloe on her win, and told a crowd that she will make a “first-class Member of Parliament”.

He also stressed, “She’s fought a campaign that she can be proud of and the whole Conservative Party can be proud of.”

David condemned the “utterly despicable” tactics used by Labour campaigners in the by-election, and attacked them for spreading "untruth after untruth" about Conservative policies.

He said that Labour should learn a lesson from the result: that the country has had enough of Gordon Brown’s "dividing lines and misleading claims", and want a Government that is “frank and honest” instead.

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